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Venetian Craftsman Bungalow

Venice, California
1,690 sf

A combination of contemporary space and traditional detail, the Morgan residence represents a significant remodeling of a Venice Beach bungalow. The client’s desire for a contemporary reinterpretation of California’s tradition of bungalow and craftsman homes as well as their recent Atlantic crossing in a 24-foot sailboat, inspired this design that combines modern and time-tested styles in a compact form. This house leverages its urban setting with indoor and outdoor spaces that add to its perceived size. It also integrates many sustainable features, including recycled deck material and solar panels.


“We interviewed a number of architect firms before selecting AddisonSchierbeek. With most we got the sense that we’d be handed off to a junior team shortly after the initial meeting. With AddisonSchierbeek we felt they’d be involved throughout the process and this turned out to be 100% true. They really listened to what we wanted, and we were very happy with the design they developed. Equally as important, they helped us vet the contractors, manage the budget and attended monthly (sometimes weekly) on-site construction meetings. Since we know nothing about construction this kind of involvement and willingness to work closely with the contractor was invaluable and gave us a great sense of confidence in the overall process. In the end the project came in at budget, on time and we’ve loved living in the house for the last 12 years.”


Contractor: Gabriel Waraksa
Structural Engineer: David Li
Solar: Noah Golden
Landscape: Julia Morgan
Photographer: Benjamin Ariff